Medical Tourism

Chuvash Republic State-financed Entity «Republican Clinical Hospital» of Chuvash Republic Ministry of Health is the leading medical organization in the Chuvash Republic. Highly qualified specialists annually provide medical care in 17 therapeutic and surgical departments for more than 16 000 patients.

Four leading specialized centres function in the clinic: the Regional Vascular Center, the Republican Center for Multiple Sclerosis and Extrapyramidal Insufficiency, Burn Center and Gastroenterological Center.

The Republican Clinic Hospital is the centre of specialized surgery. 15 operation rooms in which surgeons do more than 30 operations on abdominal organs, brain and spinal cord, chest organs, bones and joints , heart and blood vessels work 24 hours a day. It is possible to get treatment in 74 different profiles. So every year about 1800 hi-tech surgeries are made.

A new direction in modern medicine is developing now. It is bariatric surgery. Overweight people lose their weight and it is especially important in treatment of diabetes.

The united work of specialists of different types provides an integrated approach in the treatment of patients.

The Republican Clinic Hospital uses the modern technologies in restoring  health and saving lives of the patients.

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Medical tourism
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